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Have I Told You Before?

A thousand miles journey begins with a single step.

I can’t imagine how boring it is, when you walk through your journey alone. It might not be a problem when you take steps by your own feet, however I believe that you need people in your second, third, and the next following steps, because they can make you strong to reach your goal in the next 999 miles.

Have I told you guys? It’s been a year since the first time we met. I will never forget that moment, and we will always celebrate that day when we decided to walk together to reach our target, a togetherness we call FGMI.

Have I told you guys? we have been walking, working together for a year, you have given me so much fun! We didn’t need much time to get closer. We learn best when we are having fun, so that I have learned a lot from you all guys.

Have I told you guys? It’s been a year, and I feel like I have a new family here, now I know why people always say that home is not the only place where you live, but also the place where you could find people who comfort you, so that I called FGMI as my other home.

Have I told you guys? It’s been a year, and I thankful to Allah for giving me a chance to know people like you guys. I pray to Allah, if our togetherness is a good thing, please grant power for us to be strong, so that we could keep being istiqomah. Please let us find other people who could walk and work together with us, because we need it to enlarge our home and this togetherness will forever lasts.

Have I told you guys? It’s been a year, and I really enjoy our togetherness, and I hope you also feel the same way as I do. Happy birthday Forum Geosaintis Muda Indonesia! Let us continue our journey, and keep walking, because we will never walk alone.




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