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Believe in Great November

Hey, welcome november 😀

Oke, let we start to arrange our strategy to make this november better than october. Alhamdulillah, the october was very nice to me, many good things was happened, keep the positive trend occur!

After finished my journey in Japan at the early october, I feel so great, it give me more spirit and enthusiasm in the all of area I’ve been working. Oh ya, alhamdulillah I’ve been choosen as the candidate of Parlemen Muda Indonesia, representative of Bengkulu province, honestly it was great because I have the opportunity to give my opinian and idea to solve the problems in my own city, especially at the area of enviromental issues, but unfortunately I didn’t have much time to make a campaign because I am not a student anymore, I have a duty to give 100% focused on my work. Besides that, I have to distinguish my concentration to finish my paper. From all of you who wants to give a support for me in Parlemen Muda Indonesia, please visit my fanpage, and give a “like” at there.

Bengkulu 1 Aveliansyah - Parlemen Muda

Oh ya, I have a new challenge on next monday, I believe when we facing the new challenges it means we have a new opportunity. The winner is not the men/woman who better then other people, the winner is the one who pursue his/her target by trying more effort than other people in general.

Give the “more” in all of your work, so you will got the “more” then you having now!!!


yang sedang belajar GEOLOGI (english edition)


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