Facies Analysis

this afternoon i’ve finished my job,. montage, stratigraphic profile, paleocurrent analysis..

now, its time to finish my paper.

Alhamdulillah, IPA convention 2010 has received my paper.

I try to write my blog in english, altough i can not write english very well, but i am not shy to try!! hehehe

oke, lets we learn about Facies!

the first question is, what the meaning of facies?

facies is sedimentary body which has similiarity of phisic, litology, chemistry, and biology (Walker)

now, the word facies used in both of a descriptive and an interpretative sense, and the word it self have either a singular and plural meaning.

descriptive facies include lithofacies and biofacies, both of which are terms used to refer to certain observable attributes of sedimentary bodies that can be interpreted in terms of depositional and biological process.


an individual lithofacies is a rock unit defined on the basis of its distinctive  lithologic features, including color, composition, grain size, bedding characteristic, and sedimentary structure. each lithofacies represents an individual depositional event.

lithofacies may be group into lithofacies association, which are characteristic of particular deposotional environments.

the assemblages form the basis for defining lithofacies models.


a biofacies is defined on the basis of fossil components, including either body of fossil or trace fossil. for the purpose of sedimentological study, a deposit may be divided into a series of facies units, each of which displays a distinctive assamblage of lithologic or biofacies features.


our brain, can only absorb and process a limited amount of detail at any one time, so it necessary to generalized, categorize, and simplify, what wee se in well section and outcroped

(to be continued,  I have to dinner)


4 thoughts on “Facies Analysis”

  1. Friend….
    nice try….i agree with this statement:
    I try to write my blog in english, altough i can not write english very well, but i am not shy to try!!

    keep spirit!

    1. thank you very much brother..
      I got spirit from u’r notes, “100 pemikir dunia, 10 muslim”
      be World class moeslem engineer, you have to tell the world about u’r idea, english would help u to make their understand..

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